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Visiting a former work place, employer…

Here’s my first blog. Despite being in the industry for many years( too long to type here) I will not blog about technical areas and specifically on databases. There are many great influencers out there and they are very good at them. I’d recommend following those trends. I will be bringing you some of the experiences that I had with this very technical field from another angle. So my non-technical blogging is officially started, I will be focusing on mentoring, coaching and training successful people and show them how to become more successful. I hope to hold seminars and classes on some interesting subjects that you will find interesting. Here we go and we start with importance of business relations and keeping them positive, active and beneficial for both parties.

Visiting a former work place after a year(whenever you feel ready):

Yesterday I had a chance to visit my former employer. It was a pleasure and great experience for me and I hope everyone I had chance to see had the same feeling as well. Many knew where I was and holding which position since I left but some had no idea and would not be in a position to guess how I was doing. It was a great experience for me in the sense to know how much I was missed. This visit coming to end of year and happy hour of the month event was another incentive added to importance of this day. I tried to visit each and every department spent as much as time possible with everyone had a minute to talk to me. My apologies go to whom I’ve missed or were not present that day.

I kind of knew and felt the delay in for this visit a bit later than planned but still it was good to be back after a year. I recommend keeping very good relations with employers and colleagues you work or worked  with and keep in touch with them no matter where life takes you for whichever reason. One other benefit of having this visit was questions I’ve received and some of the commentaries about myself. These are very important feedback to keep in mind. We often receive many feedback but tend to ignore or miss the actual point. You will get a chance to feel  before and after status of some of the discussions you’ve had in the past. Most of the questions I’ve received were about my current employer and work scope but I also received very interesting questions about work life balance, workplace and future planning. How I do things and manage them. What are the pros & cons of the change. While I tried to answer them this opportunity gave me a chance to think about some of the things to re-consider.

Many thanks to all of my friends to have me and spend such a great day…